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Gender Life dates Work dates Life city Work city Life state Life country Work state Work country
Carl C. Graf
male 1892-1947 20th Century Nashville Nashville, IN IN US IN US
Genevieve Goth Graf
female 1890-1961 20th Century Indianapolis Nashville IN US IN US
Robert Wadsworth Grafton
male 1876-1936 19th/20th Century Michigan City IN US IN US
Gladys M. Grant
female 20th Century Indianapolis IN US IN US
Mrs. C.E. Graves
female 20th Century Hammond IN US IN US
Myrtle E. Benight Graves
female 1881-? 20th Century Hammond IN US IN US
Mary (Marie) Chilton Gray
female 1888-? 20th Century Denver CO US IN US
Mary Fitch Greenwood
female 1886-? 20th Century Spades IN US IN US
Una Ann Greenwood
female 20th Century Gary IN US IN US
William Russell Greenwood
male 1906- 20th Century Lafayette IN US IN US
A.W. Gregg
20th Century Richmond IN US IN US
Kenneth Roger Gregg
male 1913- 20th Century Richmond IN US IN US
Raymond Edward Gregg
male 20th Century Rushville IN US IN US
Davenport Griffen
male 1894-1986 20th century Millbrook NY US US
Rosa B. Griffith
female 1867-1927 19th/20th Century Terre Haute IN US IN US
Vera Alice Griffith
female 1906- 20th Century Anderson IN US IN US
Louis Oscar (L.O.) Griffith
male 1875-1956 19th & 20th Century Greencastle Nashville IN US IN US
Mrs. W. Griffiths
female 20th Century Fort Wayne IN US IN US
Ned H. Griner
male 1928- 20th Century Tipton IN US IN US
E.A. Grisez
1908- 20th Century LaPorte IN US IN US

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