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Gender Life dates Work dates Life city Work city Life state Life country Work state Work country
Gustaf Dalstrom
male 1893-1971 20th century Gotland Chicago US IL US
Svend Svendsen
male 1864-1934 19th-20th century Christiania Chicago US IL US
Neil Matthew
male Tuscon AZ US IN US
Emelia M. Goldsworthy Clark
female 1869-1955 19th/20th Century Los Angeles CA US IN US
Hugh M. Herrick
male 1890-1946 20th Century Los Angeles CA US IN US
Frank Tenney Johnson
male 1874-1939 19th/20th Century Alhambra CA US IN US
Carl John (Zimmerman) Zimmermann
male 1900-1985 20th Century Passadena CA US IN US
Frederik Ebbesen Grue
male 1951-1995 Sherman Oaks Muncie CA US IN US
Mary (Marie) Chilton Gray
female 1888-? 20th Century Denver CO US IN US
Frances Frederick Clement Hoar
1898-? 20th Century Bolder CO US IN US
Jessie Hull Mayer
female 1910- 20th Century New Haven Indianapolis CT US IN US
Mina Fonda Ochtman
female 1862-1924 Greenwich CT US IN US
Catherine Morrison Mattison
female 1905-1961 20th Century New Haven Indianapolis CT US IN US
Ralph M. Britt
male 1895-? 20th Century Atlanta GA US IN US
Jean P. Marsh
female 1910- 20th Century Mason City IA US IN US
Clara Barth Leonard Dieman Sorenson
female 1877-? 19th/20th Century Cedar Rapids IA US IN US
William Clusmann
male 1859-1927 Chicago IL US IN US
Frank Virgil Dudley
male 1868-1957 Chicago Portage IL US IN US
Derk Smit
male 1889-1985 Chicago Nashville IL US IN US
Charles Nicolai
male 1856-1942 19th & 20th Century Chicago Indianapolis IL US IN US

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