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Gender Life dates Work dates Life city Work city Life state Life country Work state Work country
Dr. Jacob Maental
male 1763-1863 18th/19th Century New Harmony IN US IN US
John Henry Twachtman
male 1853-1902 1874-1902 Cincinnati Greenwich OH US CT US
Alexis Jean Fournier
male 1865 - 1948 1865-1948 Minneapolis Brown County MN US IN US
Various Artists
male 1850-2000 1850-2000 Midwestern IN US US
Adam Emory Albright
male 1862-1957 Chicago Nashville US IN US
Rebecca (McCann) MacCann
female Crawfordsville IN US IN US
Betty Schmidt
female Mt. Vernon IN US IN US
Robert Selby
male 1909-1997 Indianapolis Indianapolis IN US IN US
Margaret M. Shipp
female Indianapolis IN US IN US
Ray Siems
male Fort Wayne IN US IN US
John P. Marsh
male 1886-1939 Bloomington Indianapolis IN US IN US
William Clusmann
male 1859-1927 Chicago IL US IN US
Frank Virgil Dudley
male 1868-1957 Chicago Portage IL US IN US
Charles Clawson
male 20th Century Richmond Richmond IN US IN US
Franklin B. DeHaven
male 1856-1934 Cape Cod, New York US IN US
Anthony Buchta
male 1896-1967 Chicago Nashville US IN US
Carl Lotick
male 1878-1958 New Albany New Albany IN US IN US
Carey Cloud
male 1899-1984 Nashville Nashville IN US IN US
William Zimmerman
male 1937 Nashville Nashville IN US IN US
Jerry Smith
male Crawfordsville US IN US

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