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Gender Life dates Work dates Life city Work city Life state Life country Work state Work country
Richard Buckner (R.B.) Gruelle
male 1851-1914 19th/20th Century Cynthian KY US US
Florence Bartley Smithburn
female 1904-1988 20th Century New Augusta IN US US
Lucy Adams Wilson
female 1855-? 19th-20th Century Warren OH US US
_gallery art _gallery art
male US US
_gallery art _gallery art
male US US
Louise Zaring
female 1872-1970 Greencastle IN US US
John Cowan Templeton
male 1880-1958 Hammond IN US US
William Edouard Scott
male 1884-1964 Indianapolis IN US US
Paul Ninas
male 1903-1964 New Orleans LA US US
Joseph Frank Currier
male 1843-1909 Boston Munich MA US US
Alice Woods Ullman
female 1871-1959 20th Century Goshen IN US US
Lucy Adams Wilson
female 1855-? 19th-20th Century Warren OH US US
Davenport Griffen
male 1894-1986 20th century Millbrook NY US US
Various Artists
male 1850-2000 1850-2000 Midwestern IN US US
Paul Randall
male IN US US
Burling Boaz
male 1891-1968 Indianapolis Indianapolis IN US US
Joseph Morgan Henninger
male 1906-1999 20th Century Elwood Los Angeles IN US CA US
Justin C. Gruelle
male 1889-1978 1908-1978 Indianapolis Silvermine, CT; Indianapolis IN US CT US
John Henry Twachtman
male 1853-1902 1874-1902 Cincinnati Greenwich OH US CT US
Hale Aspacio Woodruff
male 1900-1980 Cairo Atlanta IL US GA US

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