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Autumn Stream
re: Carl Lotick - Autumn Stream (artwork #3215)

Carl Lotick (1878-1958)

Autumn Stream

Oil on Board
9 x 14 inches
Signed Lower Left

This Lotick painting was featured in our weekly email on 11/13/13 along with the following gallery comments:

Where William McKendree Snyder painted highly realistic, tight Southern Indiana landscapes, there’s Carl Lotick who produced a regular flow of 9” x 14” Southern Indiana landscapes visioned and created in the studio ala Bob Ross. The sky is here and the creek goes there, the trees line the banks and we don’t have mountains. Done. Loticks landscapes look like but actually are not any place on earth. Like seeing some parallel reality. But god-bless-him, he kept at it and painted lots of them.

Otherwise notable, Lotick painted using marginal red paints. And a vast proportion of Loticks are void of red, because his cheap reds oxidized over the years and essentially left the painting. That’s why so many Loticks appear and are in fact, very blue/yellow/green with whites and browns. Void red. Pull a Lotick out of its frame you will see reds on the margins of the site – the part of the board covered up by the frame. Those reds exist in the margins because they didn’t oxidize – reds in the exposed painting oxidized and are gone

But I go on. This painting is a typical Lotick, a fantasy Southern Indiana creek through the beeches in autumn. I love it! Made-up and naïve, decent impasto and a cool old frame. One of our many examples — check out the Lotick page for more.

Fine Estate is also selling an unusually large Lotick in a very interesting frame at Jackson’s Auction this weekend. See here for more info.

–Curt Churchman, Fine Estate Art

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