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Bright Winter's Day
re: C. Curry Bohm - Bright Winter's Day (artwork #4052)

C. Curry Bohm (1894-1971)

Bright Winter's Day

Oil on Canvas
30 x 36 inches
Signed Lower Left

This Coats painting was featured in our weekly email on 4/25/14 along with the following gallery comments:

Claude Curry Bohm began making painting trips to Nashville in the late 1910s and moved there permanently in 1932. He’s always been considered one of Brown County’s mainstays and was very prolific. In addition to pastoral landscapes and some village scenes, he travelled to Gloucester, MA annually and produced many harbor scenes and landscapes from those excursions. Bright Winter’s Day, (c. 1966) is representative of his Brown County landscapes. A very loose rendering, it features a local cabin and outbuilding with a frozen stream carved into the countryside. The painting, an exhibition size oil, was housed behind glass for almost all of its life and thus, is in perfect condition having never been exposed to the elements. Glass over oil paintings is a somewhat strange set-up but it does keep the canvas clean. We’ve removed the glass and reinstalled the painting in the original frame. A rare opportunity to own a very large winter oil by one of Brown County’s most sought after historic artists.

– Curt Churchman, Fine Estate Art

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