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Harden Hollow
re: Gustave Baumann - Harden Hollow (artwork #4112)

Gustave Baumann (1881-1971)

Harden Hollow

Woodblock Print
9 x 11 inches
Signed Lower Right

Edition 31 of 125. (printing II)

This Baumann woodblock print was featured in our weekly email on 7/25/14 along with the following gallery comments:

Gustave Baumann left Brown County in the winter of 1916 and headed East to New York and Provincetown where he had a very productive several months. He eventually made good on his goal of going West, to Taos in early 1918 but thick with big-time artists, he didn’t prefer the living environs. He pulled up stakes and was just planning to pass through Sante Fe and head back East when fate cast its net and it was in Sante Fe where Baumann would spend the rest of his life.

In 1926 he made a trip East and stopped for a period in Brown County. He must have been somewhat whistful because 1927 saw the production of four Brown County pieces likely resulting from his visit: Early Spring, Indiana Red Gum, Grandma Battin’s Garden (which is in inventory) and Harden Hollow. It was almost assuredly a photo from the trip (still existent) that inspired his woodblock – it’s nearly the identical scene.

As always with Baumann, the piece itself is delightful — a sensitive rendering showing Brown County and its rustic charm with such sympathy. And without ostentation — it’s just gushing with arts and crafts style.

The print has gone through a recent paper conservation and is in flawless condition. The colors are incredibly strong, good registration, strong signature and the artist’s chop-mark. A classic Brown County rendering from one of the craftsmen who made that place so remarkable — Gustave Baumann, American woodblock master…

– Curt Churchman, Fine Estate Art

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