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Brown County Cabin with Figure
re: Ada Walter Shulz - Brown County Cabin with Figure (artwork #4168)

Ada Walter Shulz (1870-1928)

Brown County Cabin with Figure

Oil on Board
17 x 20 inches
Signed, Verso
This painting is double sided, please see following listing for image that appears, verso.

Back Image

Painting is framed in such a way that the board can be removed and turned to display other image.

This painting was featured in our weekly email on 9/26/14 along with the following gallery comments:

Ada Shulz has emerged as the darling of the historic Brown County artists. Her output was fairly limited yet she is beloved for the ‘sympathetic’ nature of her work. She would have been delighted that her artistic legacy is so strong given that painting was not her life’s central focus.

Here we have a two-sided panel – two complete paintings on a 17 × 20 inch board. The principal side (arguably the better of the two works) is unsigned and features a Brown County cabin with a figure. The signed side, verso, is a Brown County landscape — likely very early spring and features a distant figure (center-right) working the soil with oxen as water birches in the near-field patiently wait for leaf.

The paintings are on a 3-ply plywood board. We looked into splitting the board to create companion pieces but the expense and complexity (given the plywood base) challenged us to come up with alternative framing options. The reverse side which would display well on a table-top easel, is secured using spacers and plexiglass. The use of dual sawtooth hangers allows for a secure and unobstructed view. The challenge of displaying both of these marvelous paintings was a fun project that came together well.

Two marvelous works by one of Brown Counties early resident artists. Ada Shulz’ legacy is esteemed for a reason – she was a dam* good painter.

-Curt Churchman

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