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Courthouse Yard
Spinner a96 eed
re: Gustave Baumann - Courthouse Yard (artwork #3964)

Gustave Baumann (1881-1971)

Courthouse Yard (1910)

Color Woodcut on Japan Paper
9 x 13 inches
Signed Lower Right

Edition 100

This Baumann woodcut was featured in our weekly email on 11/07/13 along with the following gallery comments:

Gustave Bauman’s Courthouse Yard was among twelve pieces produced in 1910 that were sold individually and grouped together in what was known as ‘The Portfolio’. The collection, among the earliest works that he produced while in Nashville, IN, depicts life of the day in Brown County. Among the other titles were The Old Print Shop, the Rug Maker, Mathis Alley, etc. Entire portfolios (intact and together) are rare these days but individual prints do come to market. Courthouse Yard features the iconic Nashville Courthouse and reflects Baumann’s love for the simplicity of small town life. These earlier works trade for less than his later Brown County period pieces (1915-16) and would make a great addition to any Indiana art collection and also offers a relatively inexpensive way to own artwork by America’s woodblock master – Gustave Baumann.

–Curt Churchman, Fine Estate Art

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