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re: Edward K. (E.K.) Williams - Abandoned (artwork #4696)

Edward K. (E.K.) Williams (1870-1948)


Watercolor on paper
18 x 14 inches
Signed bottom right
Recently re-framed in all acid-free materials.

This painting appeared in our weekly email on 6/17/16 with the following gallery comments:

E. K. Williams was a Chicago illustrator and artist when he discovered beautiful Brown County in the 1920s moving there permanently in 1927 to pursue painting full time. It’s interesting to note that he was primarily a watercolorist. Every watercolor painter I’ve ever met will tell you it’s a more difficult medium than oil. (Kinda like the old Harvard grad joke: How can you tell if a person is a Harvard grad? They’ll tell you within the first minute of conversation. I’m here all week…). Today’s painting, Abandoned, is one of those Williams watercolors. Depicting an old boat on the beach, all fadey with that sand almost white under the harsh sun. We’ve re-framed this piece in all-conservation board and backing and it’s all ready to hang. It can be summer in your living room all year long!

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