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Autumn Shadows
Spinner a96 eed
re: George Herbert Baker - Autumn Shadows (artwork #4812)

George Herbert Baker (1878-1943)

Autumn Shadows

Pastel on Paper
10 x 12 inches
Signed Lower Left

This painting was featured in our weekly email on 9/2/16 along with the following gallery comments:

George Herbert Baker was part of the Richmond Group of artists but existed largely outside of that assembly. He got his nose bent out of joint with the Richmond Art League and largely shunned their efforts. Baker worked in oil, pastel and watercolor and was known primarily as a colorist. Today’s works, Purple Road and Autumn Shadows (out titling on both) really highlight his infusion of hue into simple landscapes. We don’t see enough purple roads in this life – just sayin’… Both works are in great shape and housed in the original frames. We cleaned the frames up and spaced the pastels off the glass. Then put them back together with acid-free materials. Each is glazed in glare-free glass, allowing the viewer to get right inside the works.

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