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Central Library -- Indianapolis, IN by Floyd D. Hopper Spring Stream Spring Stream by Carl Lotick Art by Frank J. Girardin Victorian Gothic #2 Victorian Gothic #2 by Wilbur Meese Art by Jean F. (Mrs. Frank) Vietor View from Belmont by Theodore Clement (T.C.) Steele

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Fine Estate Art deals in vintage Indiana artwork including pieces related to Brown County, Richmond, Indianapolis / John Herron, The Hoosier Salon, The Hoosier Group and the Indiana Dunes.

If you have artwork you are considering selling, please drop us a note or call us at (317) 253-5910.

Enjoy browsing through the site, we have listings for over 1000 artists. With a few exceptions, nearly all of the artists we deal in have some relationship to Indiana and our state’s rich art heritage. The artists to the right comprise our favorites and we continue to develop biographical information for these and other listings. Please contact us if you can provide us with any additional biographical information.

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Fine Estate Art & Rugs and Gallery Two are located in downtown Indianapolis: 1332 N. Illinois St., Indianapolis, IN 46202.

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Tue-Fri 12-6p, Saturday 10-4p, closed Sunday and Monday.

Our Curated Sale of Historic Indiana Art was a great success!

Thanks to all who supported through bidding and/or spectating!

New Art Added (7/1/17)

City Residence at Dusk
Late Autumn

New Art Added (6/23/17)

Evalyn Gertrude James
The Bunny Trail
Evalyn Gertrude James
Pastel Tints of Late October (SOLD)
Country Garden
Snow Bound Brook (SOLD)
View of the Water (SOLD)
Richmond Woods
Autumn Path
Spring Charms
Fall Wind, Oregon, Illinois
Watching Over the Herd (SOLD)
Grist Mill
Spring Landscape

New Art Added (5/16/17)

George Jo Mess
20 Newly added Prints
Evelynne Mess
Several Newly Added Prints
Charles Dahlgreen
Several Newly Added Prints
Kenneth Reeve
Several Newly Added Prints

New Art Added (5/10/17)

Swinging Bridge
St Anne Street—New Orleans

New Art Added (4/26/17)

Spring Stream (SOLD)
Covered Bridge in Winter
A January Day
Nickel Plate Berkshire (SOLD)

New Art Added (3/22/17)

T.C. Steele
Frosty Morning

New Art Added (2/15/17)

Still Life

New Art Added (1/20/17)

Central State Hospital

New Art Added (12/28/16)

V.J. Cariani
Zinnia (SOLD)
Frank Vietor
Southern Indiana Railroad (SOLD)
Wilbur Meese

New Art Added (12/15/16)

L.O. Griffith
Grandma Barnes’ Farm

New Art Added (11/15/16)

Wilbur Meese
Hoosier Covered Bridge (SOLD)
Randolph LaSalle Coats
Dale Bessire
Brown County Autumn Lane
Gustave Baumann
All the Year Round, March
Gustave Baumann
All the Year Round, September
Frank Hohenberger
Homeward Bound
Fred Rigley
Brown County Tonal Study I
Fred Rigley
Brown County Tonal Study II

New Art Added (10/18/16)

George Jo Mess
Paul Turner Sargent
The Yellow Tree
Martha Hinkle Mosier
Winter Landscape

New Art Added (9/27/16)

Fred W. Rigley
Green Valley
John Seaford
Autumn Stream

New Art Added (9/9/16)

L.O. Griffith
Favorite Bypath
James Topping
Charms of Autumn
James Topping
Farmers on the Dell
Arnold Turtle
Old Houses, Galena (SOLD)

New Art Added (8/19/16)

Lucie Hartrath
Enough Sunshine (SOLD)
Carl Woolsey
Sunlit Hill
George Herbert Baker
Colorful Richmond Landscape I
George Herbert Baker
Colorful Richmond Landscape II

New Art Added (8/13/16)

Omer Seamon
Sandbar, Sugar Creek
Omer Seamon
Sugar Creek
Omer Seamon
Wabash County Lane
James Eccles
Brown County (SOLD)
John Henry Twachtman
Horseneck Brook in Winter
Carl Woolsey
Sunlit Hill

New Art Added (7/30/16)

Homer Gordon Davisson
Autumn Stream
Leota Williams Loop
Paul Turner Sargent
Brown County Hills
L. Clarence Ball
Lake Path (SOLD)
Frank Virgil Dudley
Blossom Time, Indiana Dunes (SOLD)
Evalyn Gertrude James
Otto Stark
Fred Rigley
Summer Pier
Glenn Bastian
Indiana Sand Dunes

New Art Added (7/13/16)

John Elwood Bundy
Early Autumn Landscape (SOLD)
John Elwood Bundy
Beeches on Clear Creek
Homer Gordon Davisson
Summer Pasture
Carl Lotick
Silver Lake Ice Pond
Ruthven (Holmes) Byrum
Anderson City View

New Art Added (7/1/16)

Edna S. Cathell

New Art Added (6/24/16)

Paul Turner Sargent
Brown County Overlook (SOLD)

New Art Added (6/17/16)

Floyd Hopper
Clear to Land (SOLD)
E.K. Williams
Abandoned (SOLD)
Hilah Drake Wheeler
Along the Pier

New Art Added (6/15/16)

Frederick Polley
Pirates Alley, New Orleans
Frederick Polley
Westminster Abbey, London
Ruth Bernice Anderson
Outward Bound
Emabelle (Em.) Flanagan
Fall in Hills
Jean F. (Mrs. Frank) Vietor
Redheaded Woodpecker (SOLD)
Sally Kriner
Flowers in White Vase
V.J. Cariani
The Lake in Autumn
William Arnold Eyden
Spring in Richmond
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New Art Added (6/3/16)

Anthony Buchta
Summer’s Rustic Charms
Anna Hasselman
Rue Saint Severin

New Art Added (5/26/16)

George Herbert Baker
Summer Path

New Art Added (5/13/16)

Lois Davis
Figural Study
Lois Davis
Woman in Profile
Lois Davis
Portrait of a Woman
Lois Davis
Three Women (SOLD)
Rob O’Dell
Summer Show
Leah Traugott
Beach Gems
Leah Traugott
Oval with Mums
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to see these and other interesting-yet-modest pieces.

New Art Added (4/28/16)

Dwight F. Steininger
Alpine Cabin
Dwight F. Steininger
Alpine Lake
Dwight F. Steininger
Bridge to the Meadows
Genevieve Goth Graf
Bouquet in Blue Pitcher
James Eccles
Smokies (SOLD)
Von Williamson
Old Comrades
Von Williamson
Harl’s Holler

New Art Added (4/21/16)

Harry Engel
Orrin Draver
Richmond Winter Landscape

New Art Added (4/19/16)

John William Vawter
The Snow Cloud (SOLD)
Frank Vietor
Durango, Colorado
Derk Smit
California Seascape
Derk Smit
California Desert
Derk Smit
California Landscape
Derk Smit
California Seascape
Derk Smit
California Desert
Derk Smit
California Desert
Derk Smit
California Landscape

New Art Added (3/24/16)

Adolph Robert Shulz
Brown County Summer Landscape

New Art Added (3/2/16)

Edgar Forkner
Puget Sound Pier
L.O. Griffith
Bridge Over Salt Creek (SOLD)

New Art Added (2/18/16)

T.C. Steele
Landscape Study with Horses and Carriage

New Art Added (2/11/16)

Gustave Baumann
February 1912
William Forsyth
Hoosier Cabin (SOLD)
Summer Stream (SOLD)

New Art Added (1/8/16)

R.B. Gruelle
Tending to the Traps (SOLD)

New Art Added (12/18/15)

Beulah Brown
Winter in the Hills
Wintry Winds
Wilbur Meese
Hay Wagon (SOLD)
Covered Bridge (SOLD)

New Art Added (10/29/15)

Lester Nagley Sr.
Brown County Barn at Night, 1941 (SOLD)
Winter Night in Brown County,1940 (SOLD)

New Art Added (10/22/15)

Carl Rudolph Krafft
Winter in the Ozarks

New Art Added (10/15/15)

Floyd Hopper
Sycamores in Autumn
Adolph Shulz
Brown County Farmstead
John Elwood Bundy
Autumn Harvest (SOLD)
V.J. Cariani
Road To Nashville
Frank Girardin
The Ford (SOLD)
Frank Vietor
The Conversation
Frederick Rigley
Brown County Bales

New Art Added (8/8/15)

Ida Nash Gordon
Peonies and Globe Gilia

New Art Added (7/13/15)

Evelynne B. Mess
Chef’s Delight

New Art Added (7/13/15)

Gianni Cilfone
Floral Still Life (SOLD)

New Art Added (6/5/15)

C. Curry Bohm
Breaking Thru
C. Curry Bohm
Grey Greens of Spring (SOLD)

New Art Added (5/23/15)

Glenn Cooper Henshaw
The Great Divide, 14th Street NY City (SOLD)
John Cowan Templeton
Summer Dunes (SOLD)

New Art Added (5/9/15)

Hallie Pace Prow
Country Neighbors (SOLD)

New Art Added (4/30/15)

Leota Loop
Floral Still Life (SOLD)

New Art Added (4/9/15)

Various Artists
Palette & Chisel Club Oldenburg 1910 (SOLD)

New Art Added (2/6/15)

William Forsyth
December (SOLD)

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