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House by the Pond by George Jo Mess landscape, looking down by George Jo Mess Brown County Landscape by Al LaToor Glowing Forest by Harry A. Davis Thirtieth Street Bridge by Floyd D. Hopper Train Study by Frank Vietor Grazing by Robert Selby Monument Circle by Floyd D. Hopper

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We buy vintage art

Fine Estate Art deals in vintage Indiana artwork including pieces related to Brown County, Richmond, Indianapolis / John Herron, The Hoosier Salon, The Hoosier Group and the Indiana Dunes.

If you have artwork you are considering selling, please drop us a note or call us at (317) 253-5910.

Enjoy browsing through the site, we have listings for over 1000 artists. With a few exceptions, nearly all of the artists we deal in have some relationship to Indiana and our state’s rich art heritage. The artists to the right comprise our favorites and we continue to develop biographical information for these and other listings. Please contact us if you can provide us with any additional biographical information.

New Art Added, (7/25/14)

Gustave Baumann
Harden Hollow

New Art Added, (7/09/14)

Lois Davis
Hurry Up To Wait

New Art Added, (5/23/14)

Adam Emory Albright
Little Sister
Leota Loop
Angel’s Trumpets
Edward R. Sitzman
Interior Woods
Jan Zwara
Alpine Landscape #1
Alpine Landscape #2
George Herbert Baker
Oregon Farmstead

Fine Estate & Gallery Two Spring Opening Friday May 9, 2014

Join us for our Spring Opening the evening of Friday May 9, 2014 from 5:00p to 10:00p.
Food, drink and good cheer served in abundance.

New Art Added, (5/2/14)

Homer Gordon Davisson
Walk Your Horses
Homer Gordon Davisson
Lane Along the Mississinewa

New Art Added, (4/24/14)

C. Curry Bohm
Bright Winter’s Day (SOLD)
Edward Sitzman
Richmond Woods

New Art Added, (4/10/14)

Georges LaChance
May Stream

Major Announcement of the Moment, (3/4/14)

We’re excited to announce the opening of Gallery Two in a space adjacent to Fine Estate. Gallery Two will be representing some of the best Indiana and regional artists working today: Roy Boswell, Mary Ann Davis, Wyatt LeGrand, Chris Newlund, Austin Pittman, David Seward, Donna Shortt, Jerry Smith and Todd Williams.

We will be debuting Gallery Two hanging alongside Fine Estate at Indiana Landmarks Center (1201 N. Central St. Indianapolis, IN 46202) this Friday as part of the IDADA First Friday gallery walk. Over 80 works will be on display from Gallery Two artists alongside pieces from Fine Estate Art. Seeing Steele’s Kirkwood Observatory should be another nudge. The Gallery Two artists will be present at the Landmarks debut— A celebratory launch of our new venture together.

The Grand Opening for Gallery Two is Thursday, April 17, 2014 beginning at 5:00p. All the artists will be present for this festive evening in the newly remodeled space, adjacent to Fine Estate (Gallery Two address is 5912 N. College Ave). We’re very pleased to announce that Sue Wickliff will be adjunct staff and a point of contact for Gallery Two. To see our recent announcement click here

An Evening with Rachel Perry, (3/27/14)

Join us March 27, 2014 for an evening with Rachel Perry discussing her newly published book on Hoosier Group artist William Forsyth, for more information click here

New Art Added, (3/20/14)

Harry A. Davis
End of an Era #2
Arnold Turtle
San Francisco – Oakland Bay
George Herbert Baker
Winter Stream
Richmond Bridge
Gustave Baumann
The Landmark
Edward R. Sitzman
A Walk in the Woods
Glenn Cooper Henshaw
Village in the Hills

New Art Added, (2/13/14)

Evalyn Gertrude James
Silver and Gold

New Art Added, (2/13/14)

T.C. Steele
Kirkwood Observatory, Indiana University

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We email ‘Art of the Moment’ to over 5,000 subscribers, gently highlighting recent artwork and rug additions. To see the stream of fun offerings just submit your email in the box at the top left of this page, below the search box. Our email list will never be traded or let out.

To view some of our most recent ‘Art of the Moment’ emails, please click the links below.

- Arnold Turtle “San Francisco – Oakland Bay”
- Evalyn Gertrude James “Silver and Gold”
- Dale Bessire “Clouded Hills”
- T.C. Steele “Kirkwood Observatory, Indiana University”
- Frank Hohenberger “A Wet Snow”
- Georges La Chance “Tending the Team”
- Adolph Robert Shulz “Spring Landscape”
- Karl C. Brandner “Winter Stream”
- Randolph LaSalle Coats “Retired Rum Runner”
- William McKendree Snyder “Michigan Summer Landscape with Sheep”
- Ruthven Byrum “Anderson from the White River”
- Martha Hinkle Mosier “Richmond Landscape”
- Jan Zwara “White River Meridian Street Bridge”
- Carl Lotick “Autumn Stream”
- Carl Rudolph Krafft “Roadside Cabin”
- George Herbert Baker “Richmond Landscape”
- George Jo Mess “Farm in the Valley”
- Adolph Robert Shulz “The Abandoned Road, Delevan, Wis”
- V.J. Cariani “Floral Still Life”
- Gustave Baumann “Grandma Battin’s Garden”

New Art Added, (2/13/14)

T.C. Steele
Kirkwood Observatory, Indiana University

New Biographical Information, (1/13/13)

Updated biographies have been posted for the following artists:
Wayman Adams
E.K. Williams
Elmira Kempton
Wood Woolsey
Ida Gordon
Harry Townsend
Hugh M. Poe
Emabelle Flanagan
Lester Nagley
Lois Davis

New Art Added, (1/10/13)

Karl C. Brandner
Winter Landscape (SOLD)
Winter Stream

New Art Added, (12/19/13)

Randolph LaSalle Coats
Retired Rum Runner

New Art Added, (12/12/13)

William McKendree Snyder
Michigan Summer Landscape with Sheep (SOLD)

New Art Added, (11/14/13)

Carl Lotick
Autumn Stream

New Art Added, (11/07/13)

Gustave Baumann
Courthouse Yard (SOLD)
Carolyn Bradley

New Art Added, (10/25/13)

Carl Rudolph Krafft
Roadside Cabin
Back from the Fields
George Herbert Baker
Richmond Landscape

New Art Added, (10/18/13)

George Jo Mess
Farm in the Valley (SOLD)
Valley Road
Constance Forsyth
Summer Creek
Seascape with Figures

New Art Added, (10/10/13)

Adolph Shulz
Abandoned Road, Delavan, Wis. (SOLD)

New Art Added, (10/2/13)

V.J. Cariani
Floral Still Life

New Art Added, (9/19/13)

Gustave Baumann
Grandma Battin’s Garden
Anthony Buchta
Bean Blossom Overlook (SOLD)
Glenn Cooper Henshaw
New York
Flat Iron Building (SOLD)
Floyd Hopper
Ducks Landing
Martha Hinkle Mosier
Pioneer Cabin, Martinsville

New Art Added, (9/13/13)

John Elwood Bundy
Winter on the Whitewater (SOLD)
Harry Engel
Rag Rug

New Art Added, (8/26/13)

Jan Zwara
Bison in the Big Horns (SOLD)

New Biographical Information, (8/23/13)

Updated biographies have been posted for the following artists:
Grant Wright Christian
George Ames Aldrich
Harry Engel
Frank Rudolf Humpal
Evalyn Gertrude James
William Frederick Kaeser
Carl Lotick
Charles Conner
William Clusmann
Paul Randall
Fred W. Rigley
Georges LaChance
Ferdinand Louis Schlemmer
William Edouard Scott
Reynolds L. Selfridge
Stanley Sascha Sessler

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