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Gender Life dates Work dates Life city Work city Life state Life country Work state Work country
Ernest Rost
male 1866-1940 US IN US
Jacob Rothlisberger
male 20th Century Muncie IN US IN US
Edna Browning Ruby
female 20th Century Lafayette IN US IN US
Stephen William Rudder
male 1906-1932 20th Century Salem IN US IN US
Margaret Rudisill
female 1857-1933 19th Century Montgomery County Indianapolis IN US IN US
Sister Mary Rufinia
female 1881-1959 20th Century Lafayette Lafayette IN US IN US
Olive Rush
female 1873-1966 Fairmount US IN US
James L. Russell
male 1872-1937 19th/20th Century New Albany New Albany IN US IN US
James Spencer Russell
male 1915-? 20th Century Monticello IN US IN US
Chauncey Foster Ryder
male 1868-1949 US IN US
Lola (Lois) Alberta Saint John
female 1879-? 19th/20th Century Albany IN US IN US
Alexander Sangernebo
male 1856-1930 19th/20th Century Indianapolis IN US IN US
Emma Eyles Sangernebo
female 1877-1969 19th/20th Century Indianapolis Indianapolis IN US IN US
Paul Turner Sargent
male 1880-1946 Charleston Nashville IL US IN US
H.M. (Sanders) Saunders
20th Century Indianapolis IN US IN US
John Allen Saunders
male 1899-? 20th Century Lebanon IN US IN US
William (Wm) Joseph Schaldagh
male 1896-1982 20th Century Elkhart IN US IN US
Edgar Schalk
male 20th Century Richmond IN US IN US
Karen Scheberle
female US IN US
George Schelling
male 1938-current US IN US

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