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Gender Life dates Work dates Life city Work city Life state Life country Work state Work country
Mrs. Frederick S. Crysler
female 20th Century Wabash IN US IN US
Mary Hill Culbertson
female 1846-1913 19th/20th Century Indianapolis IN US IN US
Marion Ella Cullen
female 1901-? 20th Century Evansville IN US IN US
Nancy Cupka
male 1942 Lafayette US IN US
Nathaniel Currier
male 1813-1888 US IN US
Joseph Frank Currier
male 1843-1909 Boston Munich MA US US
Jervis Cutler
male 1768-1846 18th/19th Century Evansville IN US IN US
Charles Dahlgreen
male 1864-1955 20th Century Oak Park IL US IN US
Evelynne Mess Daily
female 1903-2003 20th Century Indianapolis Indianapolis IN US IN US
Gustaf Dalstrom
male 1893-1971 20th century Gotland Chicago US IL US
Jean Paul Darriau
male 1929-2006 20th Century Bloomington IN US IN US
Lillian Margaret Davidson
female 1896-1959 20th Century Canton Richmond OH US IN US
Oscar L. Davidson
male 1875-1922 19th/20th Century Indianapolis IN US IN US
Fay Elizabeth Davis
female 1916- 20th Century Indianapolis IN US IN US
Josephine Davis
female 1892-1983 20th Century Marian Marion US IN US
Mary Carter Davis
female 19th Century Logansport IN US IN US
Harry A. Davis
male 1914-2006 20th Century Hillsboro Indianapolis IN US IN US
Lois Davis
female 1924- 20th Century LaPorte Indianapolis IN US IN US
Henry Davis
male 1914-2006 Hillsboro/Indianapolis US IN US
Homer Gordon Davisson
male 1866-1957 19th/20th Century Blountsville Nashville IN US IN US

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