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Gender Life dates Work dates Life city Work city Life state Life country Work state Work country
Lillian Margaret Davidson
female 1896-1959 20th Century Canton Richmond OH US IN US
Franklin B. DeHaven
male 1856-1934 Cape Cod, New York US IN US
Worthington E. Hagerman
male 1878-? 19th/20th Century Carmel IN US IN US
Clara Barth Leonard Dieman Sorenson
female 1877-? 19th/20th Century Cedar Rapids IA US IN US
Courtney Miller
female 20th Century Center IN US IN US
George Herbert Baker
male 1878-1943 19th/20th Century Centerville Richmond IN US IN US
19th Century Centerville IN US IN US
Estelle Peele Izor
female 1869-1943 20th Century Centerville Indianapolis IN US IN US
Lawrence McConaha
male 1894-1962 20th Century Centerville Richmond IN US IN US
Robert Lee Osborne
male 1928- 20th Century Chandler IN US IN US
Naomi S. (Mrs. R.C.) Hosterman
female 1903-? 20th Century Charleston WV US IN US
Paul Turner Sargent
male 1880-1946 Charleston Nashville IL US IN US
Jacob Howard Euston
male 1892-? 20th Century Chesterton IN US IN US
Hazel Johnson Hannell
female 1895-? 20th Century Chesterton IN US IN US
Adam Emory Albright
male 1862-1957 Chicago Nashville US IN US
Stanley Bielecky
male 1903-1985 20th Century Chicago IN US IN US
Nellie Augusta Knopf
female 1875-1962 19th/20th Century Chicago US IN US
John Hubert Surovek
male 1946- 20th Century Chicago IN US IN US
William Clusmann
male 1859-1927 Chicago IL US IN US
Frank Virgil Dudley
male 1868-1957 Chicago Portage IL US IN US

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