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Gender Life dates Work dates Life city Work city Life state Life country Work state Work country
James Wicks
male 20th Century Indianapolis IN US IN US
Olive Wildman
female 20th Century Richmond IN US IN US
Hugh Sheldon Wiley
male 1922-2013 20th Century Auburn IN US IN US
Charles Warner Williams
male 1903-? 20th Century Culver IN US IN US
Chester R. Williams
male 1921- 20th Century Lewiston IN US IN US
Elsie Annetta (William) Williams
female 20th Century Connersville IN US IN US
Martha A. Williams
female 20th Century Muncie IN US IN US
Clarissa Williamson
female 20th Century Logansport IN US IN US
Nelson D. Wilson
male 1880-? 20th Century Evansville IN US IN US
Norman Badgley Wilson
male 1906- 20th Century Indianapolis IN US IN US
Winifred B. Wilson
female 20th Century Gary IN US IN US
George L. Wilstach
male 1892-? 20th Century Lafayette IN US IN US
Violet Bruner Windell
female 1922- 20th Century DePauw IN US IN US
Loreen Wingerd
female 1902-? 20th Century Delphi IN US IN US
Alice Collingbourne Winn
female 20th Century LaPorte IN US IN US
A. Reid Winsey
1905- 20th Century Greencastle IN US IN US
Leo Winslow
male 20th Century Logansport IN US IN US
Adolph Gustave VonRuemelin Wolter
male 1903-? 20th Century Indianapolis IN US IN US
Harry Emsley Jr. Wood
male 1910- 20th Century Indianapolis IN US IN US
Helen M. Woodward Woods
female 1902-1980 20th Century Orange County Indianapolis IN US IN US

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