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Gender Life dates Work dates Life city Work city Life state Life country Work state Work country
Naomi S. (Mrs. R.C.) Hosterman
female 1903-? 20th Century Charleston WV US IN US
Mary Yandes Robinson
female 1864-1953 20th Century Milwaukee Indianapolis WI US IN US
Oscar Erickson
male 1883-1968 20th century Milwaukee Chicago WI US IL US
Margarita Weigle Weaver
female 1889-? 20th Century Brandon VT US IN US
Sara Foresman Bard
female 1889-1971 20th Century Slippery Rock Indianapolis PA US IN US
Niccolo Cortiglia
1893-? 20th Century Wilkes-Barre PA US IN US
Lillian Margaret Davidson
female 1896-1959 20th Century Canton Richmond OH US IN US
Hermine Matilda Roberts
female 1892-? 20th Century Cleveland OH US IN US
Lucy Adams Wilson
female 1855-? 19th-20th Century Warren OH US US
Carolyn Richeson Zimmermann
female 1903-? 20th Century Loveland OH US IN US
Louis Meakin
male 1850-1917 Cincinnati OH US IN US
Frank Duveneck
male 1848-1919 Cincinnati Cincinnati OH US OH US
Alyce June Burkholder
female 1892-1996 20th century Waterville West Lafayette OH US IN US
Laura Ann Fry
female 1857-1943 19th-20th century Cincinnati Cincinnati OH US OH US
Lucy Adams Wilson
female 1855-? 19th-20th Century Warren OH US US
Francis Chapin
male 1899-1965 20th century Bristolville Chicago OH US IL US
John Henry Twachtman
male 1853-1902 1874-1902 Cincinnati Greenwich OH US CT US
Virginia Keep (Mrs. Marshall) Clark
female 1878-? 19th/20th Century New York NY US IN US
Thomas Hibben
male 1893-? 20th Century New York NY US IN US
Georges LaChance
male 1888-1964 20th Century Utica Nashville NY US IN US

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