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Gender Life dates Work dates Life city Work city Life state Life country Work state Work country
Howard (McCormick) Maccormick
male 1875-1943 19th/20th Century New York NY US IN US
William Forsyth (McIllwraith) MacIllwraith
male 1867-1940 19th/20th Century Fishkill NY US IN US
Lynn Thomas Morgan
male 1889-? 20th Century New York NY US IN US
William Merritt Chase
male 1849-1916 New York NY US IN US
G. Ruger Donoho
male 1857-1916 New York NY US IN US
Steven Stoller
male New York NY US IN US
Davenport Griffen
male 1894-1986 20th century Millbrook NY US US
Wood Woolsey
male 1899-1970 Taos Indianapolis NM US IN US
Henry Ryan Macginnis
male 1875-1962 19th/20th Century Trenton NJ US IN US
Hilah Drake Wheeler
female 1877-1970 19th/20th Century Newark Indianapolis NJ US IN US
Paul Fenwick
male Neshanic Station NJ US IN US
Henrik Martin Mayer
male 1908-1972 Nashua Indianapolis NH US IN US
Virginia True
female 1900-1989 20th Century St. Louis MO US IN US
Alexis Jean Fournier
male 1865 - 1948 1865-1948 Minneapolis Brown County MN US IN US
Fred Rigley
male 1914-2009 Owosso Nashville MI US IN US
Helen Aldrich Swenson
female 1906-1983 20th Century Kalamazoo Angola MI US IN US
Tom Wilder
male 1876-? 20th century Coldwater Ravinia MI US IL US
Grant Wright Christian
male 1911- 20th Century Monhegan Island Indianapolis ME US IN US
Mary Howey Murray Vawter
female 1871-1950 19th/20th Century Baltimore Nashville MD US IN US
Helen McKay (Mrs. Brandt) Steele
female 20th Century Boston MA US IN US

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