Alice Atkinson Forsyth

female 1872-1963
19th and 20th Century
Life city:
Oxford, IN
Work city:
Indianapolis, IN
William Forsyth (her husband)
Still Lifes
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Alice Atkinson Forsyth was born in 1872 in Benton County, IN. She was orphaned by age 15, and spent her teenage years away from home, attending St. Mary's Hall in Indianapolis. After graduating in 1892, she and her brother, David, moved to Chicago where Alice enrolled at the Art Institute of Chicago. While she was there, she studied with John Vanderpoel and Frederick Freer. She moved back to Indiana in 1896 and began teaching art at Vincennes College. However, she quickly realized that teaching did not interest her, and she relocated to Indianapolis to study at the Indiana School of Art with William Forsyth. William and Alice married during a painting trip along the Ohio River that Forsyth had organized in the fall of 1897. Alice began to exhibit her work soon after the marriage, focusing primarily on wooded and rural landscapes. Soon, though, the demands of caring for three young children became too much and, by 1906, Alice gave up painting. In spite this decision, Alice managed to stay well-informed and actively involved in the local and national art world, regularly hosting professional artists and local art students in their home. Source: Skirting the Issue, by Newton and Weiss

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