Francis Focer Brown

male 1891-1971
20th Century
Life city:
Muncie, IN
Work city:
Muncie, IN
J.O. Adams
Still Lifes
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Francis Focer Brown was born in Glassboro, New Jersey. His family relocated to Muncie, Indiana, where Brown attended high school and fell under the tutelage of J. Ottis Adams. Brown subsequently enrolled in the John Herron Art Institute, studying under William Forsyth. While at Herron he met his future wife, fellow painter Beulah H. Brown. The two shared a studio. Beulah was purported to be allergic to oil paint, thus (as some claim) resulting in a significant number of tempera and mixed-media works in Francis Brown's oeuvre. Establishing himself among the American Impressionists, he became well known for adopting stylistic conventions of fauvism and expressionism. He used bold colors, and was very prolific. Francis Focer Brown was a Ball State Teachers College professor and director of the art department from 1925 until his retirement in 1957. Brown was a member of the Hoosier Salon and also exhibited at the Pennsylvania Academy, Cleveland Museum of Art, and the Richmond Art Association. Francis F. Brown was the winner of several Hoosier Salon awards from 1922-1945. We're interested in purchasing pieces by Francis F. Brown, particularly larger landscapes. Please contact us if you have pieces to sell.

The Cloud Still life Indiana Landscape Indiana Landscape Floral Still Life Floral Still Life Abstract Indiana Landscape Abstract Indiana Landscape Floral Still Life Floral Still Life Village Scene Fauvist Landscape Bend in the River The Stream Impressionist River Indiana Summer Landscape Indiana Big Sky Landscape Richmond Spring River Landscape Summer Garden Summer Floral Still Life Church on the Hill

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