William Clusmann

male 1859-1927
Life city:
Chicago, IL
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William Clusmann was born in North Laporte, Indiana in 1859. He studied at the Royal Academy in Munich as a pupil of Benczur around the time that T.C. Steele, William Forsyth, J. Ottis Adams and Richard Gruelle were also at the Academy. His most prized pieces (in terms of prices achieved) are Chicago city scenes, including scenes along the Chicago River. He was also known for pastoral landscapes that depict rural and home-like settings. At one point in time, he stayed in Germany for a year and a half to find material to use for subject matter. It was there in 1884 that he received honorable mention for his work in Stuttgart, Germany. His associations and memberships included: the Chicago Society for Artists, Chicago Water Color Club, Society of Western Artists, and The Artists Guild. As a note of interest, it was reported that several of his works were destroyed in a studio fire. IMA Library Artist Files

Riverscape Chickens in Spring Holland Harbor Indian Summer Summer Ducks German Summer Landscape German Mountain Landcape

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