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Children Doing Homework by Otto Stark Art by Jane Messick Chickens in Spring by William Clusmann Wabash Mogul 573 Running Light by Frank Vietor Autumn Colors by Alma L. Steinmetz After the Rain by Floyd D. Hopper Winter Homestead by Wilbur Meese Denver & Rio Grande Western (Glenwood Canyon) by Frank Vietor

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We buy vintage art

Fine Estate Art deals in vintage Indiana artwork including pieces related to Brown County, Richmond, Indianapolis / John Herron, The Hoosier Salon, The Hoosier Group and the Indiana Dunes.

If you have artwork you are considering selling, please drop us a note or call us at (317) 253-5910.

Enjoy browsing through the site, we have listings for over 1000 artists. With a few exceptions, nearly all of the artists we deal in have some relationship to Indiana and our state’s rich art heritage. The artists to the right comprise our favorites and we continue to develop biographical information for these and other listings. Please contact us if you can provide us with any additional biographical information.


Fine Estate Art is located at 2158 N. Talbott St., Indianapolis, IN 46202. We’re in downtown (well, Herron Morton Place, to be exact) near 22nd and Meridian St.


Tuesday-Friday 11-5, Saturday 11-3 (see below)

Pandemic notes

Fine Estate is currently operating with normal hours and masking is optional.

Summer 2022 Online Rug Auction

Our Summer 2022 Online Rug Auction is live and bidable! We’ve listed about fifty handmade rugs from our former retail operation and they will all sell at no-reserve. The sale will be posted through Sunday, 6/26/22 and beginning at 4p.m., live bidding will take place on all the lots. Pre-bidding (open now) is essentially a proxy bid that will be executed on your behalf all the way through the live bidding process. So bid early and often — there will be a lot of bargains in this sale! You can see the online listing here.

Sixth Annual Curated Sale of Historic Indiana Art

Thank you to all who participated in our auction, in person and online, on 4/3/22 — you can view the results here. The live, attended auction took place on Sunday, 4/3/22 beginning at 1pm at The Arch (607 E. North St., Indianapolis, IN 46204).

New Art Added (7/28/22)

Anthony Buchta
Brown County Summer Magic c. 1962
Anthony Buchta
Brown County Spring Magic c. 1962
Anthony Buchta
Brown County Winter Magic c. 1962
Anthony Buchta
Brown County Autumn Magic c. 1962
William McKendree Snyder
Settle Meyer
William Forsyth
Cedar Farm c. 1897

New Art Added (7/15/22)

Glenn Cooper Henshaw
City Nocturnal
Hallie Pace Prow
Spring at Ketcham’s Mill
Flora Lauter
Colorful Afternoon
Frank J. Girardin
Cold Breeze
John Cowan Templeton
Indiana Dunes Summer Landscape
Denzil Omer Seamon
Early Sunday Morning
Grace Neville Carrothers
Summer Lakeshore

New Art Added (6/29/22)

Leota Williams Loop
Hobnail Pitcher
Ruth Bernice Anderson
Floral Still Life
Dwight F. Steininger
Summer Quietude c.1972
Elmira Kempton
Summer Creek
George Herbert Baker
November Snow
George Herbert Baker
Autumn Creek

New Art Added (6/15/22)

George Herbert Baker
Autumn Cornshocks
Sybil Hunt Connell
October Reflection
Paul Turner Sargent
Summer Landscape
Frank Vietor
Early Pennsy

New Art Added (5/18/22)

V.J. Cariani
Along the Road to Weed Patch
Jerry Smith
Sycamore Sandbar
Jerry Smith
Southern Hills
Jerry Smith
Walnut Street Blossoms
Jerry Smith
Stronecone Tradition

New Art Added (4/28/22)

Gustave Baumann
Road to Town c.1917
Otto Stark
Autumn Creek
Charles Dahlgreen
Foot of the Ozarks
Glenn Cooper Henshaw
Forest Creek

New Art Added (4/19/22)

Floyd Hopper
Gill’s Rock
Floyd Hopper
After the Rain
Floyd Hopper
Rockport, Massachusetts
Floyd Hopper
Two Horses
Floyd Hopper
Winter Forest

New Art Added (4/7/22)

Clifton Wheeler
Clifton Wheeler
Rural Indiana Road
Charles Dahlgreen
Foot of the Ozarks
Paul Randall
Abandoned Road

New Art Added (3/15/22)

George Jo Mess
Road to Nashville
William Snyder
Along the Road
Edward Winslow
Spring Landscape with Chickens
Simon Baus
Brown County Landscape
F.F. Brown
Church on the Hill

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