Frank Everett Hill Sharp

male 1907-1993
20th Century
Life city:
Muncie, IN
Work city:
Muncie, IN
W. Adams
G.P. Ennis
G. Luks
J. Herron
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Frank Everett Hill Sharp (known to everyone as Hill) was born in Kentucky and moved to Muncie as a young boy. His pursuit of art was firmly established by the time he was in Muncie Central High School. He attended Ball State (then Indiana State Normal School, Eastern Division but left after a semester to attend John Herron in Indianapolis. Which he also left after one semester. He traveled to New York and began classes at the Grand Central School of Art, studying under Muncie native and Herron grad, Wayman Adams. Adam's at-the-time revolutionary approach to portrait painting captivated him and Sharp remained a committed portrait painter the rest of his career. After much traveling with his wife Ruth during the 1930s, the Sharps returned to Muncie to begin raising a family. He remained in Muncie, painting and teaching until 1961 when he and his wife moved (semi-permanently) to Cape Cod. He continued painting, largely portraits and watercolor landscapes until his death in 1993.

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