Elizabeth Nicholson

female 1833-1926
19th/20th Century
Life city:
Indianapolis, IN
Work city:
Indianapolis, IN
T. Noble
H. Mosler
M. Reve
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Elizabeth Nicholson was born in Ohio in 1833 and studied at the McMicken School of Design in Cincinnati. After her formal education, Elizabeth taught at the Kenwood Seminary in Chicago, and then at the Ohio Female College to teach drawing and painting. Elizabeth moved to Indianapolis in 1872, following her two sisters who had moved there five years earlier. Elizabeth and one of her sisters, Mary, built a house for themselves on the city's near-northside. Elizabeth held private art lessons at the house in addition to continuing her own personal painting efforts. She worked primarily in watercolor, and focused on wildflower paintings. These works were noted for their clinical renderings, which gave them a certain appealing quaintness. Source: Skirting the Issue, by Newton and Weiss

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