John Henry Twachtman

male 1853-1902
Life city:
Cincinnati , OH
Work city:
Greenwich, CT
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re: John Henry Twachtman

John Twachtman was born August 4th, 1853 in Cincinnati, Ohio. In his lifetime, he became known amongst American Impressionists for his atmospheric landscapes. In 1874, after his studies at the Ohio Mechanics Institute, Twachtman began to paint with artist Frank Duveneck and subsequently left for Europe in 1875 to study at the Royal Academy in Munich. After many years of working in Europe, Twachtman repatriated to the United States, purchasing a 17-acre farm outside Greenwich, Connecticut. This became the primary subject matter of his work for the remainder of his life. John Twachtman was a founding member of The Ten, a group of East Coast American painters including J. Alden Weir and Childe Hassam, among others. The Ten achieved critical success as an exhibiting group.

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