Edward R. Sitzman

male 1874-1949
19th/20th Century
Life city:
Indianapolis, IN
Work city:
Morgantown, IN
H. Farney
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A painter, lecturer, and teacher, Edward Sitzman lived in Indianapolis, Indiana where his studio was located in 1929 in the Columbus Securities Building. He painted the landscapes of his region, and many of his canvases depicted the lush forest and colorful foliage. Siztman frequently depicted beech trees. He was born in Cincinnati and exhibited artistic inclinations from a young age. He went on to study at the Cincinnati Art Academy with Frank Duveneck and Henry Farney and also studied in London, Munich, and Paris. After returning from abroad, Sitzman found work at a lithographic firm in Pittsburgh while continuing his studies at the Carnegie Art Institute. He relocated to Indianapolis in 1897. Edward Sitzman was a member of the Hoosier Salon, the Indiana Art Club, the Indianapolis Art Association, and the Chicago Galleries Association. He helped arrange the first Hoosier Salon Exhibition. Sitzman died in his studio, from a self-inflicted gunshot, in March of 1949. Source: Glenn Opitz, Editor, Dictionary of American Painters, Sculptors and Engravers Peter Hastings Falk, Editor, Who Was Who in American Art We're very interested in pieces by Edward Sitzman -- please contact us if you have artwork you are considering selling.

Creek Through Beech Forest Summertime Path Alpine River Southern Indiana road Autumn Landscape Autumn Landscape Pastoral Landscape A Walk in the Woods Interior Woods Happy Days Tomey's Cabin Autumn Corn Richmond Winter Stream New Orleans Richmond Interior Woods

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