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George Herbert Baker

male 1878-1943
19th/20th Century
Life city:
Centerville, IN
Work city:
Richmond, IN
J. E. Bundy
Still Lifes
Spinner a96 eed
re: George Herbert Baker -

  • Wayne County

We're very interested in buying artwork by George Herbert Baker. Please contact us for more information.

George Herbert Baker was a key figure in the Richmond Group, working primarily in Richmond, but he is also known for painting among the Brown County artists.

Born in Muncie on Valentine’s Day, 1878, George Baker lived in Richmond most of his life. As a young artist in Richmond, George painted farm machinery at the Gaar-Scott Company, alongside Charles Conner. In Richmond, he met friend and mentor, John Elwood Bundy, and subsequently studied at the Cincinnati Art Academy and the Boothbay Art School in Maine.

He was visiting instructor at Miami University, Oxford, Ohio, in 1925. Among his many pupils in Richmond were Howard Leigh and Lawrence McConaha.

Baker and Bundy were close friends, sharing a studio at one time, and influencing each other greatly. Baker had a keen sense of color, expressed in landscapes of all seasons and moods, also in pastels and marines in his later years. His tendency towards bright color led his adversaries to label him an alcoholic—an… interesting correlation to make.

He exhibited throughout the U.S. and in Indiana. In Richmond he consistently won awards at the Palette Club and at the Annual Exhibits, despite his cohort’s strained relationship with and criticism of Ella Bond Johnston, the director of the Richmond Art Association.

His work is held in collections at the Indianapolis Museum of Art, Richmond Art Museum, Earlham College, Miami University Art Museum, among other institutions.

We’re very interested in purchasing artwork by George Herbert Baker. Please contact us if you have pieces you are considering selling.

G. h. baker  12x16  thumbG. h. baker  20x24  thumbBaker 5x5 thumbBaker along addington road  11x15  thumbBaker 14x10 thumbBaker 8x10 thumbBaker 8x9 wintermoonlight thumbBaker 14x16 richmondlandscapewhite thumbBaker 9x9 bridge thumbBaker 14x18 winterstream framed thumbBaker 17x23 laneinthehills thumbBaker 18x24 seascape thumbSargent marinepullingboat fea thumbGeorge baker 6 thumbBaker 10x12 thumbBaker 9x12 thumbBaker 5x7 thumbBaker 12x14 thumbBaker richmond autumn landscape thumbBaker pastel 8x10 thumbBaker 12x16 wc thumbBaker oregon coast thumbBaker richmond creek 14x20 thumbBaker 9x12 autumn thumbBaker 24x30 bc autumn thumbBaker 16x20 thumbBaker 12x16 autumn stream thumbBaker moon path 18x22 thumbBaker 14x18 autumn haystacks thumbBaker 18x24 thumbBaker november snow 16x20 thumbBaker 18x24 tree by river thumbBaker 18x22 happy hollow  1937 thumbBaker forest sunset 10x8 thumbBaker 12x16 crashing wave thumbBaker 16x11  2  thumb

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