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Kenneth Reeve

male 1910-2012
Life city:
Nashville, IN
Work city:
Nashville, IN
Block Prints
Spinner a96 eed
re: Kenneth Reeve -

  • Brown County

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Kenneth J. Reeve was born in Western Springs, Illinois in 1910. He went on to graduate from The Chicago Academy of Fine Art in 1930. From that time until 1949, he was associated with numerous advertising agencies throughout Chicago.

In 1949, Reeve moved to Brown county, established a working studio and gallery, and began his new life as a fine artist. Soon thereafter, Reeve became a member of the Brown County Art Gallery Association which had been established in Nashville in 1926 and had thereafter made Brown County well-known as the largest art colony in the Midwest. Reeve served four years as president of the organization and many years on its board of directors, as well as in many other offices. He was also a member of the Indiana Artists Club, The Hoosier Salon, Indiana Heritage Arts, and The Twenty club. His works have been exhibited with these groups over the years, as well as in many other regional and national exhibitions, winning numerous merit and purchase awards.

Reeve is best known for his realistic watercolor landscapes. Although he has painted from coast to coast on a number of painting trips, most of his subjects are the old farm buildings found nearby in southern Indiana. In 1955, he began working in the aquatint etching process. Working on copper plates, he produced many etchings that have been acquired for personal and public collections both in the U.S. and abroad. The artist combined his interests in art and nature in many wildlife prints in both etchings and serigraphs.

Reeve retired in 2000 and moved in 2005 to a retirement community in Richmond, Virginia.

Information provided by the artist’s daughter, Susan R. Cash

Reeve  9x7  thumbReeve  6x8   2  thumbReeve  6x8   3  thumbReeve  6x8   4  thumbReeve  a country road  thumbReeve  bean blossom bridge  thumbReeve  monday morning  thumbReeve  snow patterns  thumbReeve  snow trails  thumbReeve coffee mill thumbReeve bean blossom covered bridge thumbReeve winter in brown county cropped thumbReeve hoosier homestead thumbReeve old covered bridge  8x9  thumbKenneth reeve old log jail  1  thumbReeve rooftops  14x21  thumbReeve sorghum time  8x9  thumbReeve  9x7  winter hay thumbReeve a country road thumbReeve heading home thumbReeve homeward bound thumbReeve snow patterns thumbReeve winter nocturne thumbReeve gray barn 7x9 thumbReeve hillside farm 7x9 thumbReeve red barn 7x9 thumbKenneth reeve 9 x 8 thumbKenneth reeve winter nocturne thumbKenneth reeve first snow thumbKenneth reeve the road to cataract falls thumbKenneth reeve another winter thumbKenneth reeve snow patterns thumbKenneth reeve old covered bridge  brown county state park thumbReeve 8x10 sorghum time in bc thumbReeve 5x8 christmas eve thumbReeve 17x23 coveredbridgewinter thumbReeve 4x2 duckling thumbReeve 4x4 cockerpuppy thumbReeve 4x4 wintertime thumbReeve 4x5 autumnevening thumbReeve 5x8 beanblossombridge thumbReeve 6x4 goldfinch thumbReeve 6x4 indigobunting thumbReeve 6x4 junco thumbReeve 6x4 rubythroatedhummingbird thumbReeve 6x7 untitled thumbReeve 6x7 untitled2 thumbReeve 6x8 inmymerryoldsmobile thumbReeve 8x10 thecountrystorebrowncountyindiana thumbReeve 8x10 theoldmill thumbReeve christmaseve 5x8 thumbKenneth reeve covered bridge in winter thumbKenneth reeve a january day thumbReeve christmas eve site thumbReeve bean blossom covered bridge site  2  thumbReeve road to cataract falls site thumbReeve the old mill site thumbReeve winter nocturne cropped thumbKenneth reeve a winter afternoon thumbKenneth reeve watercolor thumbKenneth reeve winter barn thumbReeve brown county winter farmstead thumbReeve snow patterns thumbReeve winter in brown county thumbReeve winter nocturne thumbReeve spring mill thumbReeve autumn evening thumbReeve beam blossom bridge thumbReeve farm pump site thumbReeve morning bath site thumbReeve christmas eve site thumbReeve the road to cataract falls site thumbReeve duckling site thumbReeve 10x14 edited 1 thumbReeve old covered bridge thumbReeve cardinal 6x8 thumbReeve monday morning 5x8 thumbReeve 10x14 thumbReeve a country road thumbReeve hooser homestead  thumbReeve monday morning thumbReeve white breasted nuthatch thumbReeve black capped chickadee thumbReeve goldfinch thumbReeve 14x20 wc bc roadside farm thumbKenneth reeve 10x14 thumbReeve panda thumbReeve black capped chickadee crop thumbReeve black throated blue warbler crop thumbReeve chickadee crop thumbReeve goldfinch crop thumbReeve indigo bunting crop thumbReeve goldfinch v2 thumbReeve snow patterns thumbReeve 6x6 koala thumbReeve black capped chickadee edition 91 of 200 thumbReeve goldfinch edition 34 of 210 thumbReeve another winter 5x8 crop thumbReeve old log jail 6x9 crop edited 1 thumbReeve cataract falls 5x8 crop edited 2 thumb

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