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John (Jan) Zwara

male 1880-1951
20th Century
Life city:
Indianapolis, IN
Work city:
Indianapolis, IN
Still Lifes
Spinner a96 eed
re: John (Jan) Zwara -

  • Marion County

We're very interested in buying artwork by John (Jan) Zwara. Please contact us for more information.

A native of Hungary/The Czech Republic, John (or Jan) Zwara came to the U.S. at the age of 24. Initially he was based out of Omaha and painted throughout the Western U.S.

Zwara held many construction jobs as a laborer and never really perfected English as a second language. He appeared in Indianapolis and Brown County around 1933.

Zwara was known as a prolific painter and he produced many pieces for two Indianapolis art dealers: H. Lieber and Lyman Brothers.

He was notorious for ‘wandering unaccountably’, painting all the while. In fact, he gave hardly a nod to politeness when people tried to engage him — rather, he just kept painting.

Zwara was thought to have been mentally ill and he was institutionalized at Central State mental hospital in Indianapolis for six months (at which point he wandered off and never returned).

Zwara’s admission and seeking of treatment was at the prompting of Alex Vonnegut (Kurt’s uncle) who was a patron of the arts and artists. Vonnegut was once asked why he put up with Zwara’s inconsistent behavior and his legendary response went something like ‘because he paints so well!’

We’re very interested in purchasing pieces by John Zwara. Please contact us if you have artwork you are considering selling.

Zwara 24x28 thumbZwara 22x32 thumbZwara  24x30  thumbZwara  central state  thumbZwara 22x29 winter thumbZwara 14x22 brown county cabin thumbZwara white river 4x5 thumbZwara brown county twilight thumbZwara white river thumbZwara white river  10x14  thumbJan zwara floral still life 20x24 thumbZwara 16x12 thumbZwara 22x28 thumbZwara 8x12 gouache thumbZwara 22x28 western landscape with river thumbZwara 12x10 snowy creek thumbZwara 15x20 white river thumbZwara 14x20 whiteriverlandscape thumbZwara 14x20 whiteriverlandscape1 thumbZwara 19x24 browncountypanorama thumbZwara 15x20 whiteriverbridge thumbZwara 6x8 mccormickscreek thumbJan zwara trawler thumbZwara pacific coast thumbZwara 18x14 peonies thumbZwara 10x14 riversedge thumbZwara 10x14 bighorns thumbZwara 9x12 wrsummerlandscapeblack thumbZwara 10x14 brbridge thumbZwara 21x11 alpine 1fea thumbZwara 21x11 alpine 2fea thumbZwara br park thumbJan zwara central statehospital thumbZwara nashville cabin thumbZwara 15x18 thumbZwara 24x30 thumbZwara 16x20 peonies thumbZwara still life 16x20 thumbZwara 18x23 1946 thumbZwara yosemite 2 thumbZwara 10x12  1  thumbZwara 9x13 wc thumbZwara 5x4 edited 1  1  thumbZwara winter creek oil thumbZwara white river thumbZwara 13x19 thumbZwara 13x19 winter thumbZwara 16x20 floral thumbZwara 23x33 brown county hills thumbZwara white river 10x15 thumbZwara white river 10.5 x15 thumbZwara 20x30 bc cabin thumbZwara back of half dome yosemite thumbZwara back of half dome yosemite notes thumbZwara view along the missouri river  omaha thumbZwara view along the missouri river  omaha back notes thumbZwara view from cemetery at council bluffs iowa thumbZwara 1928 autumn thumbZwara along the missouri thumbZwara sunset thumbZwara 10x10 thumbZwara 9x13 thumbZwara 15x19 thumbZwara brown county winter 12x16  2  thumbZwara 1940 indiana glow 24x32 thumb

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