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Gender Life dates Work dates Life city Work city Life state Life country Work state Work country
Anthony Buchta
male 1896-1967 Chicago Nashville US IN US
Franklin B. DeHaven
male 1856-1934 Cape Cod, New York US IN US
Adam Emory Albright
male 1862-1957 Chicago Nashville US IN US
Ron Mack
male Indianapolis US IN US
Wilbur Meese
male 1910-1998 20th Century Indianapolis Indianapolis US IN US
Edwin Forsythe Parker
male 20th Century US IN US
Svend Svendsen
male 1864-1934 19th-20th century Christiania Chicago US IL US
Josephine Davis
female 1892-1983 20th Century Marian Marion US IN US
Gustaf Dalstrom
male 1893-1971 20th century Gotland Chicago US IL US
Frank Peyraud
male 1858-1948 19th/20th centuries Bulle Chicago CH IL US
Alfred Jansson
male 1863-1931 19th/20th centuries Vermland Chicago SE IL US
Torrey Ross
male 1875-? 20th century Gotheburg Chicago SE IL US
James Topping
male 1879-1948 20th century Cleater Moor Chicago US IL US
Micajah Thomas Nordyke
male 1847-? 19th Century Richmond US IN US
Cecil F. Head
male 1906-1995 20th Century Indianapolis Indianapolis US IN US
John W. Hardrick
male 1891-1968 20th Century Indianapolis Indianapolis US IN US
Sebastian Habicher
male 1805-? 19th Century Haid AT IN US
Denzil Omer Seamon
male 1911-1997 20th Century Gibson County Terre Haute US IN US
J. Ottis (John Ottis) Adams
male 1851-1927 19th/20th Century Indianapolis Brookville US IN US
Dale (Philip) Bessire
male 1893-1974 20th Century Nashville Nashville US IN US

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